Artist Spotlight: EP “3M” by Miz MAF 

Artist Spotlight: EP “3M” by Miz MAF 

     Miz MAF has been busy preparing for this quarter, doing anything but winding down as he starts getting ready for the flow of performances and shows over the summer season. Performing comes natural to the artist, who is at his best within the energy of a good venue and a great crowd. He will be showcasing tracks from his latest EP, entitled 3M, with new hit singles like “Some of Us” and “On That Bus”. Much of the music on this project is 

     Like many of the legends came to be, he practices his craft on a daily basis, constantly creating content to sharpen his skills and strengthen his signature style. Freestyling and writing are important as well in keeping up with new rhythms and making new rhymes on the fly. 

Check out his freestyle during a recent radio interview to see how his perfecting time is paying off! 

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