Latest & Greatest: A Digital Dynasty

Latest & Greatest : A Digital Dynasty

The latest and greatest outlines the artists and aspects of the industry that are taking over the most recent charts, as well as trends and techniques that are helping those honing their crafts in music. This edition emphasizes the importance of knowing the ins and outs of music platforms and digital marketing. 

Industry Buzz: 

Digital platforms and creating a strong and expansive online presence have become common sense to-do’s in the world of musicians, producers, and artists.  However, many use social media and a focus on followers as their only means of marketing. Email blasts, SEO, Adsense- these aren’t just requirements for large e-commerce stores, but for any budding artist looking to grow their network and increase their audience. 

The following articles give tips on: 

New Insider Insight: 

Tidal pays the artist the largest percentage out of any paying platform! 

Takeaway Tips: 

  • Utilize every platform from Pandora and Apple Music to Tidal and YouTube, making sure to know the differences in how they promote and pay you so you can plan what you post accordingly. 
  • Determine your pricing and sales strategy on what your goals consists of, and whether you want a stream- or download-focused website. 
  • Digital Marketing should be included in your tasks for growing an online presence, with SEO and paid advertising being essential objectives during launch times.


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