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Money and Family // The Story 

     North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, rapper—and Street Spittas Entertainment CEO—Miz MAF (an acronym for Money and Family) is ringing bells regionally and across the nation, all from the comfort of his very own lane. “My music can be described as Reality Rap,” he says confidently. “That’s the lane I created for myself.” 

     All of the music in his catalog reflects his actual life, no fairy tales. “It’s [really] the reality of it,” he says. “It’s not just one singular genre; it’s not just trap or gangsta music.” The tangible output he releases into the world is a variety of honest perspectives of his daily existence—and it’s dripping in authenticity. 

     “Music has always been a part of me … it was always was a household thing growing up and it just so happened to match the lifestyle and the reality I was living in and seeing,” he explains. “It was a culture thing, and I lived in the culture until I felt like I could make music myself.” 

     Building a buzz in his city, even collaborating and touring with hometown hero Freeway, he has released one official LP —2018’s Behold A Pale Horse, which surpassed 200,000 streams—and the single “Act Right,” both of which are available on streaming platforms internationally. Currently, MAF is working on numerous producer based projects as well as a project with DJ NoPhrillz. 

     “I got singles that aren’t going to be on any specific project, which are designed to both attack the Billboard charts and populate my 3M [new music] series dropping throughout the year,” he adds. 

    Having appeared on numerous major platforms, within the pages of publications stateside and abroad, and been heard on radio stations up and down the east coast, MAF’s journey—already marked with some notable highs—is only just starting.





New music: "3M"

By: Miz MAF


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